Ironstone Well & Barwidgee Project

Barwidgee Project

Contains mafic and granite contact related targets plus southern Barwidgee Shear Zone targets along strike from the Corboys deposit

New high grade RC intercepts at Sims Find include

8m @ 24.30g/t Au including 1m @ 129.00g/t from 9m

3m @ 20.85g/t Au including 1m @ 62.25g/t from 30m

5m @ 6.53g/t Au including 1m @ 30.40g/t from 17m

2m @ 9.06g/t Au including 1m @ 17.90g/t from 48m


Shallow transitional and primary gold in quartz veins and shears within an extensive coarse-grained dolerite unit

All areas outside of the current Sims Find footprint have received only shallow reconnaissance style exploration drilling that is considered ineffective in most areas

Preparation for substantial) with (Preparation for substantial AC, RC and diamond drilling is underway

Ironstone Well Project

The Barwidgee Shear Zone is a major regional structure where the majority of historic exploration $ have been focussed

Strategy is to intensify exploration drilling to test prospective geology in areas where there has been limited effective exploration


The total strike length 24km of mafic and felsic rocks on and adjacent to the Barwidgee shear has received very little effective drilling outside the historic deposit areas

New high grade RC intercepts at Flinders Park include;

14m @ 4.39g/t Au from 45m including 1m @ 42.47g/t

13m @ 2.90g/t Au from 36m including 1m @ 21.05g/t

Note the absence of effective drilling (effective drilling = >50m deep and angled hole)

We have an opportunity to intensify exploration and make large discoveries

Flushing Meadows for example is >2km long and open at depth – drill beneath 250m and grow 268koz Resource

The Oblique and Quarter Moon prospects are both 1km long and open with virtually no effective drilling within 4km

Drill site preparation underway with high-impact drilling to follow – initial broad spaced lines for AC to bedrock (~100m depth) has commenced with deep RC and diamond drilling to 350m to follow.

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